Ink Painting Coaching

cottagegardenHave you ever had questions about alcohol ink painting that you’d love to ask someone on the phone or just want to talk about your paintings and your art?

Now you can!

Personal Alcohol Ink Coaching for $25 for a 25 minute session via the telephone, FaceTime Audio, or WhatsApp.

Whether you are thinking about getting started with Alcohol Inks, wanting support through the Beginning Inks Course, looking for feedback on specific paintings or, as an experienced painter, desiring coaching and encouragement as you work, I’d love to help!

In this trial period for ink coaching, I am taking appointments on Wednesdays.  To sign up, please email to arrange a time.

To facilitate the coaching process, I ask that all artists sign up for at least one of the Demonstration Volumes (preferably all 4) so that I can refer you to specific videos, lessons and techniques.

About my teaching/coaching style

I deliberately call this coaching because my goal as a teacher has always been to encourage artists to develop their own style and follow their own muse. While I am a “loose” representational ink painter, I’ve had many students favor abstracts and many others desire control and near photo-realism. My hope is to offer you a variety of techniques and advice from my 9 years of experience painting and teaching alcohol inks.

My teaching approach is to always use positive feedback. I do not critique paintings in a traditional manner. I do not believe that there is a right or wrong way to paint. However, I am more than happy to answer questions and guide artists toward achieving specific goals. If I can see that a different technique would help you bring your painting closer to your vision for it, I will gladly share that information. Most of all, I want you to find joy in your painting process and pleasure in the results!

What can I help you with?

I’m flexible about how we use the 25 minute phone sessions. Here are some ideas:

  • If you are looking at alcohol inks and want to know more the materials and process before investing in supplies, a conversation from an experienced artist may be  invaluable.
  • My complete Beginning Inks Course is available on each of the 4 demonstration volumes. I have taught this course in person, on the internet in groups, and via email. I believe that it would work very well to augment the video demonstrations with periodic Ink Coaching phone calls and discussions of work.
  • General ink coaching – sometimes experienced ink artists want some extra inspiration or help in reaching new artistic goals
  • Help with specific paintings – while facebook groups offer tremendous support from other artists, there may be times when it is useful to talk about a painting and discern the next step
  • Teaching inks – if you are teaching inks or thinking about it, I’d be happy to help answer questions

What can’t I help you with?

I work exclusively on Yupo paper. While many of the techniques are transferable to other substrates, I can’t answer your questions about working on tile (especially sealing) or other surfaces. I don’t seal my works, so I have no recommendations there. Additionally, I work with just alcohol inks (plus some alcohol ink markers and fine pens), so I know very little about mixed media. The good news is that there are many awesome teachers out there who do know about these topics!

Does one need to commit to more than one session?

No. I’ve arranged the scheduling so that you can sign up for one session at a time (just $25) when you need it. Of course, you are welcome to sign up for more. However, I’m scheduling for only a few weeks out. Why? In my years of ink painting teaching, I have found that most artists benefit from a lot of flexibility including me. I’m starting with Wednesdays, but if there is another day/time that works better for you, just let me know.

I’ll be adding more to this page, but if you have questions in the meantime, feel free to email me: – thanks and happy painting! I look forward to talking to you soon!