September and October Ink Painting Classes

Dear Ink Painters,

The summer small group classes (and the Class of One individual option) have been so much fun! There have been many amazing paintings created in both the Beginning and Intermediate Classes!

Over the last two months, I’ve learned that 1) we need more time in the class and that 2) artists would like longer access to the video and materials. As such, I have made a few changes for fall, including how the groups will meet and the computer platform for the course material.

If you are interested in learning how to create representational paintings with alcohol inks, please visit for more information. Registration is open for the September, October, and Class of One Beginning Ink Painting classes.




6 thoughts on “September and October Ink Painting Classes

  1. Gosh, Karen —

    I SO wanted to join in in the Summer Class! Si bummed I didn’t make it. Turns out, my boyfriend & I broke up less than a month before I left on my trip so I not only had to pack for the trip, I had to pack up EVERYthing (we’ve been living together). So, there was just no time & my studio was packed, to boot.

    I don’t have my laptop nor did i bring a lot of supplies.

    I would love to join you once I’m back & settled into my new place. Probably will be Nov/Dec. I won’t even be back home until Oct 1.

    Would you please keep me in the loop?

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi Antonia, I think you are very ready for the intermediate classes like the Florals or the Beach (both coming soon to the new platform) – but these are both more representational than abstract – drawing helps, but isn’t necessary! As far as abstracts – perhaps June Rollins’ Dreamscapes?

      Thanks, Karen

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