Why Alcohol Inks?

Blue Moth

Why Alcohol Inks?

I think the most compelling reason is that alcohol inks can transform your artistic experience.

The second best reason is that the paintings are really cool.

Working with alcohol inks forces a painter to loosen up and add the unexpected in their art. The combination of the ink and the slick surface of the Yupo paper yields a loss of control. While this is challenging, the resulting freedom allows an artist to create loose, beautiful works which tantalize the eye.

While many ink painters choose to work abstractly, I enjoy partnering abstract elements (particularly backgrounds) with controlled passages like the Blue Moth shown above.

Regardless of whether you prefer abstract or representational painting, the inks bring a joy to the painting process. Watching the colors drip and blend together can be a meditative experience. Even very experienced painters feel a rejuvenation – there is a delight in the vibrant color and freedom in seeing what naturally happens as the ink flows.

There is a caveat – if you are a very detailed painter who needs control at every step, then this may not be the medium for you…but then again, it may just right avenue to loosen up a bit…a discover something amazing!


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